Swiss Gold Group
New York

Interested clients can open a Swiss Gold DMCC standard trading account with a nominal amount of funds...  read more



Metals Bullion
We deal in all precious metals (Gold, Silver, Palladium and Platinum) and bullion right from 1gms to 12.5 kgs.

Fine Made Jewellery
Our gold jewellery collection encompasses an array of distinctive designs exclusively created by our design team. Our jewellery collection is manufactured in both 18ct and 21ct.

Our diamond includes trade in different grades, colours and carats of diamonds as well as our specially-designed diamond jewellery collection.

Structured Products
We offer an extensive choice of hedging strategies against volatile market conditions. These are solely customized for traders and bullion retailers. Our expertise enables us to create bespoke solutions for our clients in terms of hedge structures, using options, futures and forwards as tools to help them plan their investments.



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